Laura Levin  –
Communications Specialistt


RENO NEVADA – D4 Advanced Media is gearing up for a complete revamp of their website for the 2012 new year.

The main focus of the new website will be to accommodate the new advances in web technology. “We typically revamp and completely re-design our own website about every two years at D4. The Internet changes so quickly and trends change so rapidly that it’s essential to stay on the cutting edge to maximize our exposure and sales leads.” says John Dunlap, President of D4 Advanced Media.

D4’s current website utilizes an HTML framework that has pushed them up to the number one spot for most Reno web design searches. The success of their current website has played an important role in conveying the D4 philosophy to their clients. “A large number of our sales leads and new projects come from people searching for web design companies and finding our website. We receive more sales leads from our website than any of our other marketing efforts.” Notes Dunlap.

The new website will feature interactive galleries for clients to view D4’s portfolio work, easy navigation menus and a cutting edge design. Dunlap adds, “As D4’s client base and team grows we’ve found a need to better showcase our work and provide our clientele with current information on the how the Internet is changing and how it affects their businesses and online strategy. I think the new site does a great job at this and I am excited to show the world what we’ve been up to!”

Dunlap graduated with a degree in International Business from the University of Nevada Reno in 2006 and founded D4 Advanced Media in 2005.  D4 Advanced Media is located in Reno, Nevada.

For more information about D4 Advanced Media, visit them online at