D4 Advanced Media is a creative design group specializing in creating digital media solutions for trend setting businesses. We’ve assembled a team of industry leading experts to develop and maintain the digital design and marketing efforts for hundreds of businesses. We love what we do, we’re passionate about it and we have fun doing it; we think it’s the recipe for success.

john dunlap

John Dunlap

  • Job Title: Founder | Design Director
John Dunlap founded D4 in 2005 and brings more than 15 years of digital media design, branding and Internet marketing experience to D4 Advanced Media. John is a trusted consultant for over 400 local and national businesses and organizations; overseeing the design of custom websites, web-based applications and Internet marketing strategy. His experience in digital media development and branding can be seen across hundreds of marketing campaigns spanning nearly every industry. John is the driving force behind D4’s industry leading design team.

John is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno. He is a board member of the Nevadaworks Council and VP of Technology for the American Marketing Association (AMA) Reno-Tahoe Chapter. He resides in Reno, NV with his wife Courtney and their four children.

Sonja Rasco

  • Job Title: Administration | Accounts Receivable
Sonja is our resident superhero. She brings strength, structure and warmth to our office and clients. Her skills are masterclass in customer service, accounts receivable and internal reporting. Her husband and three children are her foundation, motivation and heart.

If she got to choose her final meal, she’d savor a Caesar salad, a rare steak, pasta carbonara and a chilled glass of Chardonnay. She’d end the meal with a chocolate chip cookie à la Mode. If she had a weekend to do whatever
she wanted, she’d use a Portkey to transport herself and her WHOLE family to Florida where they’d enjoy Disney World, Universal Studios, Harry Potter World and Hard Rock Stadium (go Dolphins!).

Ravyn Smith

  • Job Title: Marketing Manager | Account Executive
Ravyn's B.S. in Marketing helps her develop forward-thinking marketing strategies for clients of all types.

She enjoys giving back to her community. She is proud to have organized a highly successful, free, local health event. Did we mention that she's a classic rock powerhouse at karaoke bars worldwide? If she got to choose her final meal, she'd choose fried catfish, mac & cheese, okra and sweet tea.

If she had a weekend to do whatever she wanted, she'd charter a private jet, snag her family from Vegas and head out to Universal Studios Orlando. Then she'd live up the goddess life in the the Bahamas with resort relaxation, spas and shopping. She'd end her weekend in Miami where she'd rustle up some sun on the beach and the world's tastiest Cuban sandwich.

Stephanie Kendziorski

  • Job Title: Creative | Designer
Stephanie attended Université Rennes II where she learned HTML, graphic design and other disciplines. Leaving France wasn’t easy, but she met the adventure with courage and poise. Once stateside, she studied web development and graphic design. She creates vibrant print collateral, website designs and website build-outs.

When she isn’t winning art contests, she volunteers at Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. If she got to choose her final meal, she'd choose potatoes with melted Raclette cheese and a divine charcuterie plate. Her cats benefit from her refined palate when she prepares their food from scratch. If she had a weekend to do whatever she wanted, she'd fly to Iceland where she’d hike, cycle and maybe even try Hákarl (fermented shark).

Bryce Smith

  • Job Title: Creative | Designer
Bryce experimented with digital design and development long before college. When he attained his B.S. degree in Business Administration/Marketing, he secured his triple-threat status of marketer, designer and developer. Bryce is a superlative example of what can be achieved when one combines academics, creative exploration and uncompromising work ethic. Bryce is proud of the brand identify, design and development he did for D4guns.com.

When he isn’t slaying it at work, he’s been known to engage in art battles with celebrities. Despite the contested status of Taco Bell’s Michelin stars, Bryce would order a Crunchwrap Supreme, nacho fries and a Baja Blast for his final meal. If he had a weekend to do whatever he wanted, he would clean out ALL of New York City’s pizza.

Grayson Laramore

  • Job Title: Web Developer | Designer
Grayson brings a traditional art background of advertising, print media, and animation to D4. Interactivity, usability, and pixel-perfect design that is aesthetically pleasing drives Grayson to develop industry leading websites and other marketing collateral.

Originally studying the art of animation, Grayson brings a well rounded creative skill-set to D4.

Grayson has a B.S. in Media Arts & Animation from the Art Institute of Las Vegas; winning awards in Graphic Arts.


Merritt Lentz

  • Job Title: Web Developer | Designer
Merritt is a classically trained media artist, graphic designer, and web developer that brings nearly a decade of experience to the team. His knowledge of interactive multimedia bridges the gap between still image design, motion graphics, and website design.

Merritt looks to develop progressive and captivating design materials using his extensive experience with a wide range of design mediums and development platforms. As an artist, Merritt draws heavily upon his creative instincts to produce work that is as unique as it is effective. His broad knowledge of color theory, attention to detail and usability testing make Merritt an essential component to D4's branding development process. Merritt received a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Sociology from the University of Montana.

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