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Does Your Site Have Too Many WP Plugins?

Forward-thinking businessowners carefully decide which plugins to include on their website, and when they don’t know, they hire D4 Advanced Media. Plugins are pieces of software that enhance or bring new functionality to a website. The “plug-in” aspect denotes that the user is augmenting the base code of the site instead of rewriting it. In […]
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When It Gets Difficult to Spot Digital Threats, It’s Time to Upgrade Website Security

Anyone else catch John Oliver’s recent special on Robocalls? In the special Oliver details the ease at which bad actors can leverage technology to manipulate businesses and members of the public.  The broadcast cited one interview in which the guest was able to disguise his phone number as the phone number of the interviewer. The guest […]
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Seniors and Technology: Tips On Navigating the Digital World

The World Wide Web was invented in 1989, and every year since then our lives have become increasingly interwoven with the internet. Businesses that used to operate exclusively in the brick and mortar world are now largely compelled to develop some sort of digital presence if they want to grow their sales. Social media platforms, […]
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