D4 Guns Receives Award From GunBroker.com

RENO, NV – (JAN 27, 2020) – Locally owned D4 Guns, a subsidiary of D4 Advanced Media, has been recognized as a top 100 seller on GunBroker.com and received the official award at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shot Show in Las Vegas. “We’re excited about receiving this award,” said John Dunlap, President, and Founder […]
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Why Do I Need an Ecommerce Website? Jumpstart Your Online Sales

The internet has made many aspects of our lives easier and more efficient. Instead of waking up on a Sunday, getting dressed and driving to an overcrowded mall, you can now stay in bed and pull up a website with the exact same products before you’ve finished your morning coffee. The number of digital shoppers […]
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Grow Your Business – Learn About Content Marketing

Content marketing is what brought us here, writing an article for those interested in this topic. Creating unique, helpful and valuable content attracts the right customers and will increase your brand’s awareness. Think about all the YouTube stars that became famous pulling pranks and videotaping it, or social media influencers earning significant advertising revenue because […]
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Duplicate Content Issues and How to Solve Them

Let’s talk about the issue of Duplicate Content. It’s estimated that duplicate content makes up about 29% of the web, according to a study by Raven. You may be thinking “Well, I know plagiarism is wrong and I don’t copy someone else’s content.” However, duplicate content is unintentionally created in most cases.
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What Is a Phishing Scam?

Since the popularization of the internet, good and bad actors have been designing ways to help and hurt users. As an industry leader in web design and digital marketing, we at D4 Advanced Media have worn our white hat for many years. Still, bad actors, also known as black hats, have become increasingly successful at […]
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