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Parallax Web Pages: The Pros and Cons

Even if you haven’t heard of parallax web pages, you’ve probably come across them before. Parallax effect refers to the way a website’s background is displayed in comparison to the foreground. This style of web design has become very popular in the recent years. To many, it presents a modern, contemporary feel that makes any […]
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Designing websites for seniors

The internet landscape is full of all kinds of people and while older generations are considered late adopters of technology, internet use is on the rise in younger seniors. In fact, many seniors under the age of 75 are adopting internet usage faster than the general population, and once they begin using it, the internet […]
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Marketing to Specific Audiences

There are a number of choices a designer makes when developing a website. Every decision influences the image of the company and communicates a specific message to their potential clients. This is one reason why at D4 we pride ourselves on our ability to target an audience. We take the time to understand what details […]
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How to Send Us Your Content

As the client, you play a very important role in the development process. You know your business inside and out and it is this experience that will make your part in the design so valuable. During the design phase and into the building stages of designing the website, your designers will begin asking you for […]
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Logo redesign and vectorization

Logos are a big part of a brand and image for a company, which is often more important than the product they create or service they provide. Occasionally a company will come to us with a logo that was created long ago and, as time passed, the original logo files were lost or were never […]
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Roller Kingdom Video Advertisement – Thoughts?

Reno’s infamous Roller Kingdom skating rink is about to get some attention, but is it the attention Roller Kingdom was looking for? The recent YouTube video done by Rhett & Link called “Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating,” is funny, no doubt. But is the message it is sending good for business? […]
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