American Wealth Management – Website Design

website design

American Wealth Management approached us to redesign their aging website. Their objective, as they operate in a heavily regulated industry where content must be approved by a third party before it can be published,  was to create a website that could be easily accessed and used by a variety of different customers, employees, and management. Our design consisted heavily around a user-friendly content management system that would allow the team to make edits to their website that could be easily accessed and approved by a third-party user. After researching their company further and understanding their goals, American Wealth Management wanted to focus on targeting a younger generation of investors who were internet savvy. D4 Advanced media created a sophisticated design that conveyed a theme of opportunity and wealth protection, featuring high-resolution imagery and a mobile-optimized, responsive design. We provided to training to American Wealth Management’s staff on how to manage content and update their website as they saw appropriate.