Butcher’s Kitchen – Feasibility and Implementation Plan


Butcher’s Kitchen has seen marked success from years of selling top quality, unique cooking utensils online. They offer premium meat prep tools that are practical-use kitchen art for the modern lifestyle. In addition to this, Butcher’s Kitchen runs a thriving restaurant focused on cultivating the many styles and tastes of thoroughly prepped meat.  Ed Ferenick, the founder, now looked to consolidate sells channels to funnel customers to a new website designed around Food Student content. The Food Student, as stated here, refers to the latest generation of inquisitive consumers that want to better understand and connect with the food they ingest every day. Ed sought to pass on the knowledge accumulated over a lifetime as a community butcher to this knowledge-hungry young audience, teaching them trade tricks in meat buying, preparation, cooking, and serving. In addition to using the site as a platform for teaching, Ed sought to create an e-commerce hub for the sale of Butcher’s Kitchen and affiliate products.  Once traffic is optimal and users are engaged in the content, the next steps would center around adding advertisements and sponsors to the website to increase revenue and return-on-digital-investment.

The purpose of this analysis was to verify the viability of investing in becoming a digital authority for on meat buying, preparation, cooking, and serving in the United States. The analysis was laid out in 4 main stages of research –

  • The Audience: Are there enough people that find meat prep and cooking important?
    • This analysis was based on the success and reception of similar sites who provide content on meat-based recipes. By evaluating the search volume of terms, along with the traffic that these sites receive, we were able to analyze the potential demand for a digital authority with the knowledge of a neighborhood butcher.
  • The Competitors: Is there something that is not being provided by current digital authorities that Butcher’s Kitchen can capitalize on?
    • Through the thorough evaluation of Butcher’s Kitchen competitors in the digital authority field, we identified ways that Butcher’s Kitchen can differentiate itself in messaging and approach from the current dominate sources of meat-based information. In the identification of competitor strengths and weaknesses, Butcher’s Kitchen comes to the digital arena armed with the knowledge and direction to stand out from its competition.
  • The Solution: What innovation and information can Butcher’s Kitchen provide to individuals looking to learn more about meat buying and meat preparation?
    • In analyzing the offerings that Butcher’s Kitchen currently provides, we were able to estimate the advantages that individuals will expect from looking to Butcher’s Kitchen for the meat buying, prepping, cooking, and serving information. Solidifying the solutions and benefits that Butcher’s Kitchen currently offers are essential in identifying how Butcher’s Kitchen might appeal to the Food Student audience.
  • The Plan: How do we make Butcher’s Kitchen the digital authority on meat in the United States?
    • The strategy for creating a digital authority on meat in the United States was based on a strategic content marketing campaign integrated with a user-centric e-commerce website design. Through the evaluation of the Food Student audience and their preferred forms of content consumption, we designed a plan heavily focused on consistent blogging and social advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.