Butcher’s Kitchen Takeout Menu – Print Design

menu design

The Butcher’s Kitchen Dine-in / Take-out menu was a fun project, as we had already designed most of their assets. The design size was built to be portable –  someone can take it home and hang it on their fridge, as well as have it be a comfortable size to hold in your hand in the restaurant.

D4 decided to steer away from the typical trifold menu design because folds cost more and don’t look as great when laminated. The solid postcard size can be laminated well, and gives off a crisp, clean vibe.

Menu design for restaurants, or poster design for companies such as the Nevada Association of Employers, are projects that we love to challenge our creativity with.

How can we improve on the previous design? How can we make everything fit, can we remove content? Let’s think differently.