Butcher’s Kitchen – Web Design

Butcher’s Kitchen provides professional-grade tools for the home kitchen and aspires to be your corner butcher by providing advice on cuts of meat, cooking methods and suggestions for fresh ideas. Founder Ed Ferencik also owns Char-B-Que, a profitable BBQ restaurant located in Reno, NV.

At the beginning of June 2018, D4 designed and developed a new website that best fits Butcher’s Kitchen. After the initial meeting, it became clear that the website should convey Ed’s passion for the butchery trade. While this website serves as a means to promote their products, it is also the home to valuable information and advice for the cooking enthusiast.

This website features multiple special components

  • eCommerce website
  • A “fade-in” effect on the product pages
  • Youtube videos can be used as thumbnails in the blog posts
  • Minimalist theme with subtle textured backgrounds
  • Mobile optimized design