Cash My Guns – Web Design

Cash My Guns is an internet-based company that specializes in selling used guns. From the comfort of your home you can discreetly sell your unwanted firearms. Whether you’re an experienced gun owner or know nothing about handling firearms, the team at Cash My Guns will make sure to give you an honest appraisal of your gun’s value and offer you a fair price for it.

Website Design

During the redesign process, our main focus was to make the workflow as easy as possible. The overall design was created to give a modern sense while maintaining that real-world tactile feel of an old, friendly general store to make the design approachable for users uneasy about selling their guns online.

Website Buildout & Custom Features

  • Dynamic animated arrows help draw the user’s eye to the three main categories of the navigation bar. These arrows also reposition themselves for smaller screen sizes.
  • We did A/B testing to ensure that the new design had a better conversion rate. It did.
  • There was a specialty search function that allowed for different types of specific firearms to be searched and allowed vague entry as well.
  • When a firearm is submitted, it is registered in a ticketing system that keeps track of each order as some people take more time to ship their firearms.
  • There was a dynamic testimonial section developed to display recent purchases of firearms.
  • Created “Remember me” function that automatically fills in order forms when a user has already submitted another firearm