CK Auto – Content Marketing/SEO

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CK Auto is a full service Mercedes-Benz service and repair shop in Santa Rosa, CA. Paul Duckworth, owner at Ck Auto, wanted to improve their web presence but had some negative experiences in the past with the term “SEO.” He was referred to us by a friend and we assured him that we are not the typical “SEO” company. Our strategy, optimization, blood, sweat and tears go into our campaigns making them so much more than just SEO, and ensuring results. 3 years later, Paul couldn’t be happier and our partnership continues every month.

Goal: Get the phones ringing at the CK Auto shop.

Strategy: Expand CK Auto’s brand presence in the Santa Rosa area and target local Mercedes owners, driving them to CK Auto’s phone number.

Execution: Correct the “black hat” SEO tactics used by their previous SEO company that were resulting in penalization, create unique content revolving around key words such as “Mercedes Repair” to increase their organic search rankings, and develop healthy back links to CK Auto’s website.


The phone rings off the hook!



Increase in website traffic



more visibility than their closest competitor



keywords ranked on the first page including “Mercedes repair shop Santa Rosa”