Databeans – Website Design 2019


Website Design

Databeans is a semiconductor and electronics market research firm in Reno, Nevada. The firm provides quarterly high-level market trend reports in the semiconductor product categories and markets. Databeans desired a logo and website design that would showcase their cutting edge research, generate increased online exposure and drive customers to purchase subscriptions to their market reports/trackers. They also desired an improved user experience on their website. 

The firm offered annual subscriptions for their reports, however, customers found the subscription verbiage confusing and preferred to purchase reports one at a time due to not knowing what was included. D4 proposed a new, streamlined subscription system that clearly communicates the benefits of each report in subscription format.  


Website Buildout & Custom Features

  • Creation of a portal that allows users to sign up for newsletters, renew their subscription or download their purchased reports/trackers.
  • Integrate back-end dashboard for staff to easily manage dynamically uploading reports/trackers.
  • Migrate existing reports/trackers archive to new website. 
  • Simplified “Add to Cart” functionality for streamlined online purchasing.
  • Dynamically populated reports/trackers around the website based on chosen categories and tags.