Disease Cast – Digital Marketing Strategy

disease cast

DiseaseCast is an online magazine for disease forecasts and other consumer-friendly content for readers concerned about their health. Disease Cast provides convenient access to an easy-to-use disease forecasting tool. The fear of disease is a primal human condition. Any easing that can be provided to this base fear is bound to see a fast following from individuals from all walks of life. Men and women, mothers and bachelors will see this website as a guide to be informed of, avoid, and prevent pestilence.

With the competition working to dominate the market, Disease Cast was looking to improve their digital presence and ranking. D4 was asked to do an analysis of their current digital authority and tactics employed by Disease Cast’s competitors. Upon completion of the analysis, D4 provided Disease Cast with a digital marketing document detailing keyword research, competitor digital overviews, current site analysis, messaging recommendations, and the following tactics:

Phase One – Situation Analysis

Includes evaluation and definition of the target audience that Disease Cast is looking to engage. We look at some of their personality traits and we evaluate what Disease Cast has to offer them.
We also see where Disease Cast might have some problems reaching this target market as it stands.

Phase Two – Competitor Analysis

Includes an evaluation of top websites that focus on the identified target audience and an analysis of their digital marketing tactics and SEO strategies. In addition, we look at the organic traffic of top websites in e-commerce and content creation to get a sense of what role organic traffic plays to branded websites.

Phase Three – Recommendations

Includes tactics that will help position Disease Cast as the organic authority for the targeted high-search volume keywords. Including keyword research, blogging recommendations, and UX/UI suggestions toward the purpose of funneling users to the affiliate products. The affiliate marketing of the website is to be heavily focused on the creation and curation of engaging evergreen content that will provide a continuous residual revenue stream, once page ranking was achieved. The search engine optimization of Disease Cast is critical to its profitability and success. As organic ranking is going to account for the majority of site users, the content needs to be made with a focus on keywords with high search volume.

We knew Digital Cast would find measurable value and results in this strategy, and we were thankful to work with them on it.