E Squared C – Website Design

E Squared C is an IT consultation and management firm based out of Reno, Nevada. Setting itself apart from its competitors by offering an insurance-like IT systems maintenance package for its partners, E Squared C likes to take the “forethought” approach to the next level. They came to D4 with a solid idea as to how they wanted the website to look and feel. Preferring the endless scroll single page design over the standard multi-page platform, they wanted a website chocked full of interactive icons and characters, with the goal of making IT less mundane and more engaging to potential partners. This website features multiple special features including:

  • A parallax scroll single page design with menu “scroll-to” navigation.
  • An icon-based luminous animation showcased on initial load.
  • Interactive custom-designed icons with paired animations.
  • Contrasting color scheme with a minimalist theme.

D4 worked tirelessly with E Squared C to capture their vision and messaging, exactly as they wanted.