Gary Platt Manufacturing has been in the casino seating business since 1996. The company produces seating exclusively for casinos including slots, table games, poker, bar-top, sportsbook, and bingo.

Gary Platt was founded on the concept that a high quality and comfortable chair would increase the player’s time on device and as a result, casino revenues. By specializing in casino seating Gary Platt has become the recognized leader in performance seating by casino customers and casino management.


Website Design

-User Experience Main Focus: Reduce amount of clicks
-Have all products visible and easily accessible
– Clean, minimal design – Reflect the luxurious products like Mercedes & Chanel

In September 2018, Gary Platt reached out to D4 seeking a website that showcases their products as the most elegant, luxurious and comfortable casino chairs. The quality of Gary Platt’s chairs is highlighted through the use of mesmerizing videos, bold imagery, and crisp sans-serif typography.

During the initial meeting, we determined that it was essential to improve the user’s experience. Gary Platt’s previous website was slow to load and required multiple clicks to get to the desired product page. D4 worked to create a minimal design that features all chair styles (such as poker seating or bar seating) within a single product page.

Website Buildout & Custom Features

  • Crafted as a funnel for engagement and action, the new Ski Lake Tahoe includes many interactive aspects in its responsive design, such as:
  • Video featured on the homepage
  • Parallax effect on images
  • Multiple Custom fields and Custom Post types to facilitate updating the content on the site
  • Custom Tradeshows timeline
  • SVG Interactive Map
  • Nested accordions on the product page
  • Build your chair section, auto-populates the Inquiry form based on selections
  • Sidebar menus for easy navigation
  • Nested accordions to have a lot of content accessible with minimal clicks & page load time
  • Gallery of images w/ Lightbox effect
  • Fixed footer that is revealed on scroll
  • Responsive/Mobile Optimization

The new website design is deceptively minimalist and makes a statement about the level of its resorts: unmatched in location and offerings.