Geological Society of Nevada – Website Design


The Geological Society of Nevada is a scientific society dedicated to promoting the geological sciences. With over 1000 active members, GSN represents the majority of the geological industry in the state of Nevada. GSN initially approached D4 in 2017 looking to design a website for their quinquennial symposium. The website functioned as the hub of all event activities and information, including event registration and sponsor/exhibitor/advertiser/speaker signup. The website included digital forms for various payment collection and organized the form submissions automatically using Zapier and Google Sheets integrations.

Due to the massive success of the GSN 2020 Symposium website, GSN asked D4 to design their new association website. This website functions as the base for all GSN internal communication, including between the association’s job board and member directory.

GSN 2020 Symposium Website Design

During the design process, we took inspiration from the logo design that GSN had petitioned for the 2020 theme of “Vision For Discovery”. With a bright and airy design that focused on minimalism and user-funnels, the overall aesthetic worked to highlight the logo, theme, and the organization’s central message of rugged pioneering.

Symposium Website Buildout & Custom Features

  • User-focused design that funnels users to information relevant to them, using clear header navigation titles and homepage buckets.
  • Interactive forms for sponsorship and exhibitor booth space reservations that capture payment through PayPal integration.
  • Interactive forms for submission of Abstracts and Papers to the Geological Society of Nevada.
  • Attendee Registration Interest Database that will allow GSN to send an email to all potential attendees when early registration opens.
  • Symposium Registration Form that provided a customized pricing experience based on the events that the user wanted to attend.
  • Easy-to-Access database of registrants, sorted by their event choices, using Google Sheets/Zapier/Gravity Forms integrations.
  • Dynamic Event/Presenter post type that allowed for the automated population of data on event and speaker pages.

GSN Ecommerce Website Design

This website was designed to provide different needs to different people, based on what they came to the website to do. Members were to have access to content that the public couldn’t see, including a member directory, a member forum, and a job board. On the Public side of the website, users had access to an interactive calendar and an online store for the purchase of geological publications.  The geological publication store was created to be easily searchable based on custom tags including Trend, Commodity, County, and Publication Type.