Gillespie Eye Care – Website Design

D4 helped Gillespie Eye Care with refining their branding, as well as designed their logo. We simplified their branding which easily translated to their website creating a timeless design. We purposefully left the emblem out of the logo so it would work well with the rest of their marketing collateral. The purpose behind this kind of thinking was the result of trying to facilitate a brand across their 3+ locations in Eastern Washington. Their website has a local feel targeted to the small communities their located in. We helped Gillespie build credibility through recognized brands of eyewear in our website design. Small town service, big name brands, local love. Trained in the treatment and management of ocular disease, Dr. Gillespie is passionate about providing exceptional eye care to his patients. He explained, “I chose to move to a small town because I wanted to contribute to a community. I truly care about the wellness of my patients and I want their eyes to be as healthy as possible.” Visit today!