Green Gulch Ranch – Website Design

Website Design

Green Gulch Ranch is a 4,000 acre ranch in the historic Sierra Valley of California. The ranch is a family-run cattle and hay operation that offers membership packages for bird hunting and shooting. Green Gulch Ranch desired a logo and website design that would showcase their beautiful property, generate increased online exposure and drive members to frequent their hunting lodge. They also desired an improved user experience on their website. 

The ranch was offering numerous levels of membership with a variety of benefits. However, members found the packages to be confusing and were not aware of what was included. D4 proposed a new, streamlined membership system that clearly communicates the benefits of each package. Alternative options were also made available for non-members to enjoy the ranch offerings for the day. 

Additionally, the ranch did not have a system in place for scheduling and taking payment online. These tasks were performed manually by Green Gulch staff over the phone. D4 implemented a new booking system on the website that allows members to sign up, renew, schedule and pay online.


Website Buildout & Custom Features

  • Creation of portal that allows guests to sign up or renew membership, enroll in newsletters, schedule hunting/lodging reservation and create a profile for lodging preferences
  • Integrate back-end dashboard for staff to easily manage member profiles in order to provide concierge-like service
  • Migrate existing member information from current website
  • Redesign membership packages to streamline offerings and help members better understand included benefits
  • Image gallery and testimonial integration to help website visitors visualize the memorable experience of other guests
  • Reporting feature that allows staff to easily download and print rosters for membership verification