Legacy Sports – Catalog Design 2016

catalog design

D4 has been working with Legacy Sports International to create a new product catalog that portrays their new 2016 product line. Their product catalog included 80 pages of product photos, information and specs. Due to the amount of material present in the product catalog, it took close to 2 months to work through each and every page. Because this was our first year designing their catalog, we had to create all of the graphics from scratch and did not have the previous design files to work with. Each and every graphic that we created was made from scratch in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. This catalog spans over 60 products belonging to seven different firearm manufacturers. Once the catalog’s design had been finalized, we sent the files to the printer in Denver, Colorado who also happens the official printer for the Denver Broncos football team. Our design director, John Dunlap, personally flew out to Colorado to oversee the print process and ensure maximum quality. During his visit to Colorado, he was able to catch and correct several mistakes that were made during the printing process. The result is a highly polished catalog that shows off Legacy Sport’s full line of firearms and related accessories.