Legacy Sports International approached D4 Advanced Media once again to create their product catalog for this year featuring their entire product line. D4 Advanced Media coordinated and helped direct a three-day photo shoot in the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges of California and Nevada. We utilized Photoshop and optimized the photography from the photo shoot, developed page layouts for print, a theme and eventually an eighty page catalog. We developed logos and branding for specific firearms and highlighted specific features with diagrams and specifications. D4 Advanced Media was on site in Denver, CO, for the Press-Check and oversaw the production of more than 150,000 printed copies. Check out a few of the pages from the catalog below! To view the entire 2017 Legacy International Sports Catalog, click here.

pages 4 and 5 of legacy sports catalog , showcasing HOWA rifle

pages 8 and 9 of legacy sports catalog, showcasing HOWA long-range rifles in camo

pages 34 and 35 of legacy sports catalog, showcasing semi-auto shotguns adult and youth models

pages 40 and 41 of legacy catalog, showcasing pointer field and clays over/under rifles

pages 48 and 49 of legacy catalog, showcasing citadel government and officer hand guns

pages 54 and 55 of legacy sports catalog, showcasing nikko stiring diamond, long range, and panamax scopes