Legacy Sports – Website Design

website optimization

D4 recently launched one of our biggest websites for 2016 so far, legacysports.com! Legacy Sports International sells a wide variety of firearms and related accessories for several different brands. This was a great challenge from a branding standpoint as we had to design a website that complimented each unique brand. Once the website design was squared away, we got to work migrating their existing content and setting up each of the 100+ products.

We built the website using WordPress, a powerful content management system, which allowed us to build their website in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. We used WooCommerce to build the ecommerce side of the website, which seamlessly integrates with WordPress. Using these powerful tools, we heavily customized the website so that the online store fit their unique business model. Once the online store was properly configured, we applied a responsive design to the website so that it not only works well and looks great for all users, but will be accessible to any┬ádevice they use to access the website. Check out Legacy Sports International’s new website.