Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg – Website Design

Over 30 years ago, Lemons, Grundy and Eisenberg established their law firm in Reno, Nevada, to handle insurance related matters in the casualty, fire, life, accident and health areas. The fields of practice expanded over the years to include appellate practice, medical and legal malpractice defense, business law, personal injury, and other legal matters. Geographically the firm handles litigation and other matters in all state and federal courts throughout Nevada and in northern California.

Website Design

At the end of 2018, D4 worked with Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg to create a modern and user-friendly website. With a bright design that focused on minimalism and user-experience, the overall aesthetic worked to feature the lawfirm’s numerous practice areas.

Website Buildout & Custom Features

  • In the practice areas, nested accordions reveal hidden content on click. This feature funnels users to information relevant to them.
  • A custom animation was applied to all SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images to give the illusion of the image drawing itself.
  • The search function was enabled to allow users to better find a practice area.
  • The “hamburger menu” was implemented on desktop and mobile to preserve the minimal feel of the design.
  • The website was mobile optimized.

View their website at: https://www.lge.net/