Michael C. MacNeil Family Law – Website Design

web design

Michael C. MacNeil, Attorney at Law, is an individual practitioner in the San Diego area with more than 15 years of dedicated and professional service under his belt. The challenge that arose from our initial research was that Michael MacNeil has two very different sides to his practice – family law and criminal law – with very different target audiences. Part of our strategy for this project was to create branding that could appeal to both audiences, but keep those brands separate in order to not alienate either audience. Michael C. MacNeil did not have a website previous to contacting D4 Advanced Media, which meant that we were tasked with building the foundation of his brand.

After researching the target audiences, D4 developed branding that was neutral, modern, and undoubtedly “San Diego.” D4 launched both law websites in parallel, creating a means for those that are seeking legal counsel to easily find what they’re looking for. The two law websites that D4 created, 1900law.com and Macneildefense.com, were designed to easily transfer content between the two – appealing to those specific audiences with imagery and content, but keeping the branding specific.

Our color choices for each website were designed to easily target both audiences seeking either family law or criminal law advice. The logo design, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and the website itself were deliberately chosen to be clean, professional, modern and unbiased. A hidden design element in the site lies within the initials “MCM.” When creating Michael C. MacNeil’s family law website, D4’s graphic designers found an opportunity to get creative with “MCM,” and by using the corresponding roman numerals to MCM, we created the 1900law.com website for family law (MCM = 1900). Like every project, D4 rose to the unique challenges and needs of our client and created something unique, creative and need specific that will act as the cornerstone for Michael C. MacNeil’s brand and practice for years to come.

Check out 1900law.com and Macneildefense.com for an example of a clean, responsive design.