Moment Skis – Website Redesign

moment skis

Located in Reno (Nevada), Moment Skis builds high-quality skis for all the ups and downs that the mountain throws at you. They are dedicated to perfecting the art of ski building and they won’t stop improving their skis to ensure you have the most fun possible while out on the mountain.

In June 2018, Moment Skis reached out to D4 to refine the website design in order to better appeal to their target audience and to strengthen their message/goals and generates exposure. Custom features were implemented on their website:

Website Design Refinements

Moment Skis had a precise idea for their website design. D4 helped refine several pages: the homepage, the single product page, the cart page and the product listing page to achieve Moment Skis’ desired look, feel, and functionality. Our team also refined the email template and assisted with the creation of product imagery. The LiveChat functionality and the Back in Stock app have been redesigned and improved for optimal user experience.

Website Buildout & Custom Features

For the buildout of the website, we focused on cleaning up the code, and on removing duplicate styles to allow for a faster website that can easily be updated. SCSS variables and mixins were integrated to help streamline future updates. Moment Skis has been mobile optimized and tested. Additionally, the hamburger menu’s functionality and behavior were adjusted to provide the best user experience. Custom Javascript, CSS, Liquid, and HTML coding were required to refine and adjust the “Binding Bundler” custom feature. Final refinements were performed on the product option buttons and were integrated with Binding Bundler and the Back in Stock app.

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