Nash’s Komboucha – Website Design

web design

Nash’s Natural Brewing Company makes kombucha served on draft using only certified organic ingredients. Brewed locally in the greater Sacramento area, co-founders Sean Nash and Claire Dunlap started by home brewing kombucha, then moved into a commercial kitchen and began distributing it by the keg and bottle.

D4 Advanced Media helped Nash’s Kombucha move from brewing in their home kitchen to brewing for distribution by developing a branding strategy and creating a perfectly individualistic design that would translate to both bottle and apparel.

D4 developed a website, designed the logo for apparel, and the label for their drinks, of course! Wells Fargo named Nash’s Natural Brewing Company one of the five finalists in the Wells Fargo Works Project contest, which ran from May 1 – June 30, 2015. This business was one of more than 4,200 small businesses that entered the national contest, in which five grand prize winners were selected to receive $25,000 along with mentorship from a small business expert and tailored solutions for their business.

D4’s branding and logo design, as well as the quick turnaround in completion, helped grown Nash’s Natural Brewing Company, creating positive PR around their product allowing for a rapid growth in distribution and sales, as well as a very loyal following.