Nash’s Kombucha – Logo design

Nash’s Kombucha was looking for a logo that they could also use as a label. They believe in ingredients with a purpose, so the design that we came up with also utilized its own purpose to everything. The name “Nash” is an old English name that follows a certain tradition of naming after the land. Nash itself means ‘beneath the ash tree’. White ash is actually a “soft hardwood”.

Which means, in the realm of hardwoods, it leans toward the soft side, much like the mild flavor of the Nash’s Kombucha flavoring. The shape of the seal is actually a melding of the “Mandala-like” peaks at the top and bottom that are typical among Kombucha labels. But, the flat design and the center of the logo go along with the modern, naturalistic movement of the type of people likely to buy this kind of kombucha. The “Nash’s” text at the top has a hometown feel, something like a local baseball team or a family-like environment.


Nash’s Kombucha new bottle labels that we dubbed the “2017” version¬†feature a new flavor – Blueberry Bliss!
The new and revamped flavor seal design changes per flavor, but has enough consistency to maintain legibility and branding. D4 also made a,¬†“We love & Serve Nash’s Kombucha” window decal, made to display on store front windows, doors, and cars!