Nevada Association of Counties – Website Design

web design

D4 recently launched the newly redesigned website for the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO). Their old website ran on multiple, dated content management systems. This complexity posed difficulties for NACO when they needed to update their website. A large portion of our role with this project was integrating these independent systems into a single WordPress content management system. We took a hard look at their existing website’s capabilities and devised a way to provide the same resources with a simple and modern approach. Once we developed the plan we designed a website mock-up that portrays their professional role coupled with the natural beauty of Nevada.

Through several iteration cycles, we worked closely with NACO to refine the design and meet each and every aspect of their criteria. The next step was building out the finalized design into a functional, production-ready website.  We developed the website using WordPress, a powerful and flexible content management system, which aided in migrating their PDF resources, content, and imagery. The website was built with a responsive design so that users on smartphones and tablets can easily navigate. Once the website was rigorously tested and ready for the public eye, we launched the website seamlessly without any downtime. Check out the Nevada Association of Counties new website!