Nevada Mining Association – Website Design

Custom Features that were designed for Nevada Mining Association:

  • Main Website
    • We’ve worked with NMA for years so we were aware of some of their specific needs
    • The website was designed to allow for modular future changes
    • We kept a light open feel, without overloading the design with the blue from the branding
  • Careers
    • We developed a “Careers in Mining” platform
    • Designed for people in mining to find a new career in their education. As well as for career paths for students interested in joining the mining industry
    • Users can sort and filter the results
    • It’s easy for the client to add and remove careers and maintain the sorting functionality
  • Classroom Activites
    • Designed for use by educators K-12, the activities function has a list of activities for use in the classroom
    • The system was designed for quick additions by educators that are reviewed and submitted by a committee board member, not for an HTML guru
    • The front end is sortable by science standards or grade level.
  • Minerals in Nevada
    • An easy guide to the common minerals and elements mined here in Nevada
    • Offers a quick addition and modification for all minerals
  • Membership login
    • Using a third party site to authenticate the users to log in and allow access to member only content
    • Authentication API runs in the background without maintenance by NVMA or others
  • Social Feed
    • Pull and combine a feed of news from multiple sources, including Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Youtube, blog and events
    • Using each of the social media APIs to build the feed

Nevada Mining Association is one of the top 10 mining associations in the world. NMA came to D4 asking for help designing their new website.