Nevada Pain & Spine Specialists – Website Design

Nevada Pain & Spine Specialists (NPSS) is a pain management clinic located in Reno, Nevada. NPSS reached out to D4 in 2018, requesting a brand new website design.

The design concept was to adhere to branding guidelines that included two shades of blue, the horizontal NPSS logo, and the professionally shot photography. While the website design is not heavy with custom functionality, it definitely differentiates NPSS from competitors and other medical websites.

We incorporated a rotating body diagram at the very top of the homepage that draws visitors’ attention immediately. Four clean and simple bucket sections invite visitors to interact with the website. One of the main goals we had in mind while designing was to create an online space that caters to every need. In doing so, we built in a way for patients to pay their bills, review their documentation, and even allowed for outside physicians to refer their patients.