NuScience Food – Website Design

website design

NuScience Foods is a new e-commerce website that we have just launched.

We needed to design a website that would allow them to sell their oatmeal protein shakes on an engaging platform. This is one of the first designs that we’ve used hexagons as the main design element. The hexagons create an orderly, scientific atmosphere that reflects the careful research that has gone into their product line. The design also included plenty of rich imagery that portrays active lifestyles.

We built their website with a content management system called WordPress and used WooCommerce to build their online store, an e-commerce plugin that is maintained by the same team as WordPress. We integrated their account with the storefront so that when an order is submitted, the shipping label is printed out automatically. We also customized the shipping costs to automatically calculate the shipping cost based on how many protein shakes are purchased.

Check out Nuscience Food’s new website!