Puliz Moving and Storage – Website Design

website design

Puliz Moving and Storage is a company that has a variety of different roles. Not only does Puliz offer commercial and residential moving solutions, they also help clients with do-it-yourself moving and storage options, records management, logistics, document storage and tradeshow services. For a company like Puliz that serves the entire reach of Nevada, they were sensitive to the fact that they wanted to show their two main cities of operation – Reno and Las Vegas. In order to achieve local goals in both cities, our strategists decided it would be best to create two separate websites focusing on each city respectively. One of the challenges our design team faced was in their branding.
Puliz provides many different services in many different places, and they work with well-known brands that they wished to affiliate their brand with but did not want people to confuse them for those well-known brands. Because of this, when designing their website we matched the color scheme and imagery of their affiliated brand, United Van Lines, on the main website design for Puliz.com to create an association without confusing the two brands. When setting up the website we went beyond our typical SEO structure in order to focus on the two major cities, Reno and Las Vegas, individually. Instead of seemingly ‘slapping a coat of paint’ on the same website (Sierra Moving Systems, Las Vegas), the code within each site was optimized to reflect the dedicated city. Even further, our web developers set up a Content Management System (CMS) within the site, to allow their team to log in and modify content as well as continue their SEO efforts as they saw fit for their brand.