Rust Bullet – Marketing Strategy and Campaign

marketing strategy

To help Rust Bullet appear more attractive to the everyday consumer, D4 constructed a marketing strategy. In this strategy, D4 created customized tactics including:

Website Design

In order to make website interaction easier for the users, D4 developed Rust Bullet’s new website with –

1. Simplified header navigation

2. Engaging homepage design that funnels users

3. Application pages that divided the products based on user interests

4. Consolidated Product Pages that offered all size and color options in one page

Amazon Product Page Optimization

To make Rust Bullet’s Amazon presence more cohesive and branded, D4 worked with Amazon to implement the following-

1. Branded Rust Bullet Storefront

2. Consolidated Product Pages by Variation

3. Design A+ Content Pages for the ” From the Manufacturer” Sections

4. Addition of videos on Product Pages

Influencer Outreach

For the purpose of getting Rust Bullet’s Product in front of the DIYer community, D4 reached out to influencers in the Auto Enthusiast market. As a result:

1. Rust Bullet was featured in a video by Scott Kilmer, a Youtube Influencer with 1.2 million followers

2. Within 10 days, the video had 300K views

3. Rust Bullet saw a marked increase in Rust Bullet Automotive sales on Amazon.

D4 worked with Rust Bullet to implement the campaign and tracked the results over the next 6 months.

Strategy’s Results:

Increased organic traffic by 53%

Increased Amazon sales by 56%

Increased DIYer engagement and page likes by 25%

Rust Bullet was so satisfied with the campaign that D4 continues to work with the company as a marketing consultation and implementation firm. 

Mike Moore, former CEO of Rust Bullet had this to say:

After a long search, we chose D4 Advancd Media to be our marketing firm. Their team rapidly learned about us and our products. They came up with a highly value oriented, multi-phase plan that we readily accepted. They are bright, eager and long-term oriented. I envision them being a partner of ours for a very long time.