Rust Bullet – Marketing Campaign

rust bullet

Rust Bullet is the highest quality provider of rust protective and cement coatings in the U.S., with a loyal following of do-it-yourselfers dedicated to protecting their assets under stress. Rust Bullet sells an assortment of coatings for rust termination and concrete protection, while marketing its coatings as stand-alone “systems” of defense. Rust Bullet’s branding is mostly targeted toward the male demographic between the ages of 25 – 65. These individuals are interested in home and auto repair, with an emphasis in long-term project insurance. Rust Bullet provides top quality, stress-tested, long-lasting products that redefine the coating industry with innovative, patented technology.

With the competition’s coating solutions working to dominate the market, Rust Bullet was looking to expand their brand awareness in the Average Joe’s mind. Most of Rust Bullet’s past recognition has come from government contracts; however, they were now looking to break more firmly into the everyday market of homeowners and mechanics. We felt the best way to do this was to utilize the internet and its social networks. Rust Bullet had seen some success in online sales via Amazon and its website, but more opportunity existed in building their online sales channels.

D4 came up with a digital marketing campaign focusing on simplifying Rust Bullet’s messaging and optimizing their digital assets for maximum sales. We felt this could be accomplished in four basic phases:


Phase 1 – Engage

Included tactics for making Rust Bullet’s online presence engaging and informative. Before new traffic could be driven to Rust Bullet’s digital channels, effort needed to be put into solidifying their messaging and image. As Rust Bullet is priced as a high-quality product and is branded as a simpler alternative to competitor solutions, the website/Amazon store needed to reflect the quality and simplicity that is fundamental to Rust Bullet’s advantage.

D4 was able to elevate Rust Bullet’s Amazon presence by optimizing each product for ideal search ranking. Check out the upgraded Amazon store here.


Phase 2 – Reach

Included tactics for building digital awareness of Rust Bullet and its products. Once online channels were reflective of Rust Bullet’s branding and best practices in UX/UI, tools were utilized to drive new traffic to the site. The main tools for driving new users to the site were content, influence, and sponsorship. The tactics of this phase used these tools, as well as fundamental social engagement, to corral new customers to Rust Bullet’s site.

Because Rust Bullet’s initial website did not use best web design practices, we were glad to aid the design by developing new functionality and better styling. See the new website here.


Phase 3 – Convert

Included tactics for increasing KPI (key performance indicator) conversion rate through testing and optimization. The process of streamlining Rust Bullet’s product funnel for sales and easy interaction happened through a series of research that indicated incremental changes and goal tracking. Time needed to be spent on gauging and reacting to customer responses and behavior in the buying process. Tactics here contributed to the circular process that is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).


Phase 4 – Retain

Included tactics for keeping converted users and building brand loyalty. To create return customers from converted consumers, continuous actions were needed to remain top of mind. Those continuous actions could be passive or aggressive by design. Passive retention involves the creation of brand community to connect with the user’s sense of identity, using forums, peer reviews, and topics to bring customers into the brand’s influence. Aggressive retention engages converted users in direct interaction through email or social network conversation. This phase promoted actionable leads in every converted user.


We knew Rust Bullet would find measurable value and results in this strategy, and we were thankful to work with them on it. To read our case study on this project, click here.