Scenic Nevada – Website Design


Website Design

Scenic Nevada is a 501c3 nonprofit, non-partisan, environmental organization that works to preserve, protect and enhance the scenic character of Nevada. The non-profit is instrumental in keeping disruptive signage/power lines from polluting Nevada natural landscapes.  Scenic Nevada desired a website design that would showcase their legal scenic preservation efforts, generate increased online exposure and drive patrons to donate and volunteer for the cause. 

The nonprofit had an email newsletter that was sent to interested parties whenever there was action taken by Scenic Nevada. They requested to have the website and the newsletter template match when it came to aesthetic elements and layout. 

Since D4 appreciated the issues that Scenic Nevada was working to combat, Scenic Nevada was provided with a 20% discount for website design services.


Website Buildout & Custom Features

  • Creation of changing background images on the homepage and subpages upon each website load. 
  • Dynamically populated new Issues in a carousel on the homepage.
  • Incorporated “sticky header” for simple website navigation and prominent display of the “Donate” call-to-action button. 
  • Mobile-friendly website design for users pursuing the site on a mobile device.