Soundproof Windows – Content Marketing/SEO


Soundproof Windows is a company that sells… wait for it… Soundproof Windows! Located in Reno, NV, they sell their soundproof windows internationally. Wanting to be the authority on all things soundproof, we partnered up and embarked on the long journey of content marketing.

Goal: Increase awareness of Soundproof Windows’ products and increase sales nationally.

Strategy: To be the dominant source of information for soundproof and soundproofing windows in the US. We wanted Soundproof Windows to come up every time someone searched for anything regarding noise problems. People looking for a solution to their commercial or residential noise woes.

Execution: Content, content, content! We have built a blog, a company news section and multiple landing pages so that we could educate people on their soundproofing options.




more online visibility than the next closest competitor


growth in website traffic over the course of the campaign


average conversions per month


keywords ranked on the first page, including “sound reducing windows”