Talent Catalyst – Marketing Strategy

talent catalyst

The Talent Catalyst provides communication, motivation, and accountability training to new managers and teams in hyper-growth companies, with the end goals of outrageous productive and trusted connections. The Talent Catalyst offers customized and scalable training to companies, depending on their size and needs. Most branding and messaging for The Talent Catalyst has been conveyed through face-to-face presentations and keynotes, with little to no tie into digital presence.  Over their years of providing training, the highest potential target market that has been identified are 28 – 38-year-old management and human resources decision-makers who are looking to develop effective managers and agile teams. The Talent Catalyst provides a flexible, personalized alternative to traditional business communication training courses.

The Talent Catalyst had begun to struggle with direction and messaging as they work to identify a scope of services/solutions they can provide for the most return on investment. In the past, the Talent Catalyst has marketed itself as a communication training program for managers on interacting with employees based on generational behavior traits. However, messaging challenges arose when trying to appeal to younger Decision-Making Management when using generational buzz-words like “Millennials” and “Generation Z”. A shift in targeting high-tech management in fast-growth companies was identified as a lucrative new target market. With the new direction of the company, new messaging and strategy that appeals to these “Startup Bosses” needs to be designed. This refined messaging focuses on motivational (instead of generational) behavior traits training.

In order to evaluate this new direction and messaging, D4 was asked to do an analysis of the current messaging and tactics Talent Catalyst’s competitors were using to target these “Startup Bosses”. Upon completion of the analysis, D4 provided Talent Catalyst with a digital marketing document detailing keyword research, competitor digital overviews, current site analysis, messaging recommendations, and the following tactics:

  • Phase One – Engage Tactics
    • Included efforts refining and solidifying The Talent Catalyst‘s messaging and online presence.
  • Phase Two – Reach Tactics
    • Included tactics for building digital awareness of The Talent Catalyst, and its services.
  • Phase Three – Convert Tactics
    • Included tactics for increasing KPI conversion rate through testing and optimization.
  • Phase Four – Retain Tactics
    • Included tactics for retaining converted users and building loyalty.