Vergari & Napolitano – Website Design

The law firm of Vergari & Napolitano focuses on family issues and estate planning. Vergari & Napolitano reached out to D4 in 2016, looking for a complete website redesign.

The Goal: To develop a new contemporary, unique, and industry leading website that appeals to Vergari & Napolitano’s target audience, provides information in a clean and easy to use format, strengthens their message/goals and generates exposure.

Because we had designed and developed new print collateral for Vergari & Napolitano in the past, we already had some ideas regarding the overall branding of the new website. For example, we based the look and feel of the site off the main turquoise green color. We knew the website should look clean and have a subtle undertone–nothing too dramatic.

After the initial web design was built out, it was time to tackle the content integration. Using a structured navigation system, we were able to organize the content in a way that was not confusing to visitors. We also integrated a CMS (content management system) into the website that allowed for simple content additions/removals/edits. Because most future updates would be made by Vergari & Napolitano, we needed to incorporate this CMS.