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disease cast

Disease Cast – Digital Marketing Strategy

DiseaseCast is an online magazine for disease forecasts and other consumer-friendly content for readers concerned about their health.┬áDisease Cast provides convenient access to an easy-to-use disease forecasting tool.┬áThe fear of disease is a primal human condition. Any easing that can be provided to this base fear is bound to see a fast following from individuals […]
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talent catalyst

Talent Catalyst – Marketing Strategy

Talent Catalyst - Digital Marketing Strategy
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marketing strategy

Rust Bullet – Marketing Strategy and Campaign

To help Rust Bullet appear more attractive to the everyday consumer, D4 constructed a marketing strategy. In this strategy, D4 created customized tactics including: Website Design In order to make website interaction easier for the users, D4 developed Rust Bullet’s new website with – 1. Simplified header navigation 2. Engaging homepage design that funnels users […]
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