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Check some of the projects that we have worked on with Bit Replay:

website maintenance

Bit Replay – Website Design

We are proud to present, an e-commerce website with a custom inventory management system that allows bitreplay to sell to multiple channels (eBay and Amazon) using a single inventory. Since the majority of their products are unique, this was quite a challenge. We integrated a real-time service that will remove a product from the website […]
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website design

Cash For Gamers – Website Design

Cash for Gamers has been a client of ours since 2011. Cash for Gamers buys and sells retro video games, consoles and more. D4 has helped them with their entire marketing strategy including everything from branding  and internet advertising to their custom website that gives their customers instant quotes and tradeshow materials. D4 Advanced Media […]
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Bit Replay – Logo Design

Bit Logo We chose a font that we felt had an artistic/drawn feel, and chose bright colors that mirrored some of favorite controllers. We definitely had a few cracks at it and felt that the simpler it was, the better. Don’t complicate the design, less is more! Designing the Bit Replay logo was something D4 […]
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Bit Replay – Print Design

D4 Happily Created postcards for Bit Replay to include in their boxes for mail returns and purchases that promoted their pre-owned games, consoles, and accessories. The postcards were designed to let customers know what kind of inventory Bit Replay offered, as well as promotional codes and contact information.
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