Legacy Sports

Legacy Sports International is a national firearms distributor who carries brands such as Howa, Lithgow, Nikko Sterling, Escort, Pointer, Webley & Scott and Citadel. Legacy faced the unique challenge of bringing together their brands into one cohesive parent company, and to make all their marketing collateral cohesive. They needed a long-term partner to help with the planning, design, development and execution of their website, catalog, advertising, and all other marketing collateral.

They found that partner in D4.

Phase 1: Catalog & Print Ads

The Legacy Sports catalog is and always has been the cornerstone of their marketing. They print anywhere from 20,000 to over 50,00 copies and distribute them to retailers and end users across the US. D4 was tasked with overseeing the creation of the Legacy catalog from start to finish. This includes planning, directing photography, collecting content, designing and printing. The catalog continues to be their flagship marketing collateral.

Print advertisements are created on a monthly basis for Legacy, ensuring a cohesive look and goal oriented approach. We work closely with Legacy staff to plan which products to push when based on production schedules and hot items. 

Phase 2: Website Redesign

The old Legacy Sports website didn’t communicate their brands very well and didn’t have any individual product pages for their firearms. We redesigned the website to build a foundation for the rest of our marketing efforts.

The new website includes:

  • Branded content and custom backgrounds that align with Legacy’s brand goals
  • Product pages to help with organic search rankings and help customers easily find more information about the firearm they are looking for
  • Wordpress content management system to be able to easily edit content

Phase 3: Content Marketing/SEO

Now that the website was a solid foundation, we could start on the content marketing campaign in order to increase web visibility, website traffic and ultimately, customers. We have begun by writing blogs with useful information to the target audience and optimizing product pages with additional content, descriptions of features and lifestyle images. Stay tuned for results!

Check some of the projects that we have worked on with Legacy Sports:

catalog design

Legacy Sports – Catalog Design 2018

D4 has created the Legacy Sports catalog every year for some time now, and 2018 was no different. The Legacy Sports catalog is and always has been the cornerstone of their marketing. They print anywhere from 20,000 to over 50,000 copies and distribute them to retailers and end users across the US. D4 was tasked […]
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website optimization

Legacy Sports – Website Design

D4 recently launched one of our biggest websites for 2016 so far, legacysports.com! Legacy Sports International sells a wide variety of firearms and related accessories for several different brands. This was a great challenge from a branding standpoint as we had to design a website that complimented each unique brand. Once the website design was […]
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catalog design

Legacy Sports – Catalog Design 2017

Legacy Sports International approached D4 Advanced Media once again to create their product catalog for this year featuring their entire product line. D4 Advanced Media coordinated and helped direct a three-day photo shoot in the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges of California and Nevada. We utilized Photoshop and optimized the photography from the photo shoot, developed […]
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print design

Legacy Sports – Print Design

D4 Advanced Media is the acting creative agency for developing magazine advertisements for the 2016 – 17 lines of Legacy Sports International’s firearms. The Artwork was developed to showcase product features as well as the differences of Legacy Sports International in comparison with competitors. The print collateral and print advertisements ran in the top 10 […]
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catalog design

Legacy Sports – Catalog Design 2016

D4 has been working with Legacy Sports International to create a new product catalog that portrays their new 2016 product line. Their product catalog included 80 pages of product photos, information and specs. Due to the amount of material present in the product catalog, it took close to 2 months to work through each and […]
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