Mitchell Chadwick

Check some of the projects that we have worked on with Mitchell Chadwick:

website redesign

Mitchell Chadwick – Re-design

D4 Advanced Media performed a redesign on the Mitchel Chadwick website as it was designed by us three years ago and needed a bit of refreshing. For the new site, D4 focused on mobile optimization with a bold, full-screen design. As Mitchell Chadwick’s firm becomes more successful and their team continues to grow, so does […]
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Mitchell Chadwick – Print Design

Print Collateral As part of our commission to Mitchell Chadwick, D4 developed a branding strategy and supporting collateral for the leading mining and land use law firm in California. Creating a new brand identity can be difficult – but the market research, focus groups, brainstorming sessions and many much more all contributed to the final […]
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Mitchell Chadwick – Logo Design

When D4 was commissioned to help redesign Mitchell Chadwick’s site and branding, we first had to start with a logo.¬†We created a logo that is clean, professional and recognizable that was used later on all branding content, print collateral and site design.
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