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disease cast

Disease Cast – Digital Marketing Strategy

DiseaseCast is an online magazine for disease forecasts and other consumer-friendly content for readers concerned about their health. Disease Cast provides convenient access to an easy-to-use disease forecasting tool. The fear of disease is a primal human condition. Any easing that can be provided to this base fear is bound to see a fast following from individuals […]
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talent catalyst

Talent Catalyst – Marketing Strategy

Talent Catalyst - Digital Marketing Strategy
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marketing strategy

Rust Bullet – Marketing Strategy and Campaign

To help Rust Bullet appear more attractive to the everyday consumer, D4 constructed a marketing strategy. In this strategy, D4 created customized tactics including: Website Design In order to make website interaction easier for the users, D4 developed Rust Bullet’s new website with – 1. Simplified header navigation 2. Engaging homepage design that funnels users […]
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website design

H & G Industries – Website Design

H & G Industries manufactures products for the aerospace and construction industry. Their aging website wasn’t correctly reflecting the precision machined products that they develop. D4 Advanced Media took on the challenge and developed an internet marketing strategy focused on targeting both a domestic and international audience.  After digging much deeper we identified that they […]
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product design

Hinge Hanger – Product Design

In less than six weeks we developed a fully integrated marketing campaign for HingeHanger that received special recognition and was showcased at the International Home + Housewares Tradeshow in April 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. The product has received attention and commitments from major houseware retailers such as Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and […]
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