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Hinge Hanger – Product Design

In less than six weeks we developed a fully integrated marketing campaign for HingeHanger that received special recognition and was showcased at the International Home + Housewares Tradeshow in April 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. The product has received attention and commitments from major houseware retailers such as Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and […]
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Nash’s Kombucha – Print Design

Nash’s Kombucha, brewed locally in the Sacramento area, makes kombucha served on draft using only certified organic ingredients. D4 Advanced Media¬†designed print collateral for Nash’s Kombucha. Using the logo we designed for them for them, we created a set of consistently branded graphics that was used to print business cards, loyalty punch cards, kombucha bottle […]
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Nash’s Kombucha – Logo design

Nash’s Kombucha was looking for a logo that they could also use as a label. They believe in ingredients with a purpose, so the design that we came up with also utilized its own purpose to everything. The name “Nash” is an old English name that follows a certain tradition of naming after the land. […]
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Eleece – Package design

After¬†D4 designed a logo that showcased the identity of Eleece, we jumped on designing their branding collateral (e.g. business cards and product packaging). We built their custom website with an e-commerce system to help Eleece sell their beauty products with ease, and produced a logo that was as elegant as the products they sold for […]
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eRice – Package Design

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Jack Ross Ammunition – Product Packaging Design

In 2011 D4 created the original packaging design for Jack Ross Ammunition. We wanted to give it a traditional, old-school sort of feel. We stayed current with their branding when re-designing their latest packaging. Fast Forward to 2016! For the redesign, D4 wanted to keep it quick and simple. We followed the original box design, […]
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