Product Design & Development

D4 is a product design company. We understand that product design doesn’t work well in a typical agency model because creating great products is more than 50% operational. We understand that great products require investment across many different parts of a business.

Product Design

The traditional agency model is a transfer of bloat and processes into what is perceived to be a short-term consulting cost for the business – instead of hiring. This model is flawed from the outset, it doesn’t change the organizational dynamics or shift the way people think about building great products. It’s a costly strategy, where projects with more people convey importance to the larger organization.

When most of the design work has been commoditized, why would a company want to pay three times more for a specialist? That’s where differentiation comes into play. It’s a wake-up call that most agencies are ignoring –(not us at D4!)

Product Development Cycle

Typical agencies have project managers, account managers, and specialized front-end people to provide services with segmented, specialized skill sets. Our approach is more nimble — we remove project managers and invest clients in the work. They KNOW their business, the operation but sometimes in order to get “outside the box” ideas, you need someone who’s not inside the box.

With our Product Design, we invest and deploy a small targeted team across the entire product development cycle.

Plan | Develop | Evaluate | Launch | Assess | Iterate | Dominate!

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