Social Media

Are you taking advantage of the power of social media? There are now roughly 100 million active Twitter users and 900 million Facebook users. Your customers are using social media and if you are trying to reach them, this is one place you need to be.
D4 manages the social media efforts (or consults on social media) for many of its clientele. We can help you develop a social media strategy and identify how to use it effectively. It’s unique to you and your goals.

rust bullet

Rust Bullet – Challenge Landing Page

product design

Hinge Hanger – Product Design

Black Rock Mud – Website Design

Teach Me Wellness – Website Design

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Drive Word of Mouth

Email | Video | Social & Viral Marketing

We have a system for driving word-of-mouth and creating “buzz” among groups of people on the web. We often use attention-getting videos, blogs, and other graphics to break through the clutter and get people talking about products, services and other messages we are trying to promote. These people help spread the word to people they know through email, blogs, social networking sites and more. Social and/or viral marketing is a creative and customized effort that can be accomplished on a very lean budget and almost always produces favorable results that greatly exceed the investment.

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