Website Maintenance & Security

Has Your Site had a Tune-up Lately?

Websites can break down too! Just like any other asset, over time websites need maintenance. Neglecting website maintenance can open the door to viruses, spam, hackers, and user identity theft.  In addition, having a vulnerable site could spread malware to a user’s personal computer, ruining your online reputation.
Too often, we don’t take a problem to an expert until the damage is done. Just like when you take your car to a mechanic, the cost of preventative maintenance is generally less expensive than the cost of neglect.
The solution is simpleā€¦ get regular website checkups.

Get Regular Website Checkups

We can help you ensure your website’s health, security, and functionality with our on-going Website Maintenance Plan.

This service includes monthly:

  • Installation of security updates upon release
  • Malware and vulnerability scanning
  • Hacking restoration
  • Form submission and security testing
  • Cross-browser compatibility testing
  • Mobile compatibility testing
  • Design and functionality audits
  • Website training
  • Recommendations for optimization and site edits

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